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Our Miracles Were Here

Week after week, we would go to the doctor to check on them.  Every week, my thoughts were that we've made it one week further & prepared myself for the next step, a laser surgery or a blood transfusion.  It was only a matter of time before we got to that point.  Logically, it was just the next step.  We already knew that they had some abnormal blood vessel connections or this problem would not have happened to begin with.  It wasn't a question of if we would need to medically help them.  It was a question of when.  Not that I was being negative.  I wanted to be realistic & prepared for what I would have to face to protect my babies.

We would see the team at Children's Hospital of Colorado once a week to measure the babies blood flow.  They referred us back to our regular Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr. once we made it to week 27 with no surgery.  We had met our first goal!  After this point, the laser surgery could not be done because it would be too risky.  For those…
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When we learned about TAPS

Our girls were measuring perfectly until week 22 came along.  By this point, we were being seen every other week & they would take measurements of the babies' amniotic fluid, check their hearts, bladders & umbilical cords.  When they would take measurements of how big each baby was they were always within ounces of each other.  Our little angels were growing at the same rate & we couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy thus far.  I was healthy.  The girls were healthy.  We were all good.

October 28th was supposed to be a quick, what had become the "normal," check-up on our baby girls.  Our doctor decided at this appointment she would take a doppler of the middle cerebral artery in each babies' brain.  This doppler would measure the blood flow in the artery & it is how a form of Twin-to-Twin called Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence is detected.  The ultrasound tech would take measurements every week & our doctor would come in & always ta…

Mo-Di Miracle Babies

Prepare to learn in this post. There is so much more to twins than growing two babies.  It can be complicated & a very serious & stressful pregnancy.

Monochorionic-Diamniotic twins--that's what I was carrying.  You probably are thinking the same thing I was.  What in the world does that mean!?  Most people know of the two types of twins, fraternal & identical.  (Including myself, before this pregnancy)  There are actually four types of identical twins.  The type of identical's you will have is determined by the timing of the egg splitting.  The earlier the egg splits the less sharing the babies will do in utero. For instance, when the egg splits very early on the babies don't share anything.  They each will have their own chorion, which is the outermost layer and what forms the placenta.  They each will have their own amniotic sac.  Two completely separate babies, making it a little less complicated since there isn't any risk of having to share any nutrients…

How Many Babies!?

I started growing rather quickly.  It was around 7 weeks when I could already see a noticeable difference.  I even said to Kyle at some point, "what if it's twins."  He had a response something along the lines with "I do not want twins."

We went to our first doctor appointment at 8 weeks & got through all of the family history & health questions, etc. Normal pregnancy things.  It was time for the ultrasound & Kyle scooted his chair on over so he could see.  The ultrasound tech had the screen pointing towards her where we couldn't see when she began to look around.  It felt like she had been looking for minutes without saying a word & of course my nerves kick in.   "Is everything okay?" I finally asked.

Her response, "yeah, umm, I think I see two babies."  She swiveled the screen towards us & she was focusing on a tiny little tadpole as I like to call it.  Then she moved her wand over a bit & found another little tad…

Father's Day 2016

In January 2016, we decided to stop taking birth control.  We were not "trying" right away.  We weren't tracking ovulation or using the baby apps quite yet.  We had just gotten married in September, I had just started a new job in October & we were living up the newlywed life.  Not a care in the world really.  We had the "whatever is meant to be will be" mentality.

 As the months went by, even though we weren't "trying," it was always in the back of my mind like, "maybe this month."  The first few months passed & nothing.  I began to wonder if we'd be able to.  Maybe it's the impatient side in me that wants things to happen NOW, once I have my mind made up & at this point it was made up.  It didn't happen yet & we both wanted a family, so let's make this happen, right!?  We started to track ovulation & to put forth the effort.  After a few more months & way too many negative pregnancy tests (Can I j…

Doubling the Demoney's

So much has happened in one year.  It's amazing to me how fast time flies.  In the blink of an eye, Kyle & I were married, deciding to start a family, pregnant & surprisingly, doubly-pregnant.  It's been the best journey I've exprerienced in life so far. If I could relive it again, I would & not change a single thing.   This is why I've decided to start a blog.  I want to capture all of these amazing memories & store them in a place where I can go back & relive this crazy thing we call life.

As I sit here with the sweetest little girl sleeping in my arms, I want to have this exact feeling engrained into my brain forever.  After all, just four short months ago, they were 3 lb 14 oz each, drowning in their preemie clothes, & I can't picture how small they were.  How can that be!? Why can't you remember!?  Although I have tons of photos, they just don't do it justice sometimes.  
I have regretted not journaling our days spent in the NICU.…